Prince Harry has finally unveiled his novel

Принц Гарри окончательно рассекретил свой роман
Younger brother William made a public demonstration of his feelings to his beloved.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Prince Harry
finally, finally no longer hide his affair with Megan Markle. He first allowed
yourself to show your feelings to your friend in public. First he came with
Megan at the stadium gently holding her hand. Then Harry took neighbouring
the venue for the competition was whispering to her, stroking her hand.
And at some point kissed her in the ear…

This scene
played out in Canada, where the Prince came to sports games Invictus Games for injured servicemen in the military
conflict. Incidentally, even before Harry has puzzled many, taking during
the solemn opening ceremony of the games place in the VIP box at a time as Megan
settled on the usual podium. But as it turned out, it was connected not with
the desire of the Prince to “conspiracy” and demanding Protocol. In the box for
guests of honour were the heads of state and other officials. And Markle,
although not yet officially became the Prince’s bride, had no right in it
to be.

Incidentally, as it turned out, Harry flew to
Toronto a few days before the opening of the games. And during this time he managed to visit
Markle — on the set of the popular series “Force majeure”, where the actress
plays a major role filming in Canada. This development
suggests that Harry is actually prepared soon to make Megan
offer hands and hearts.