Принц Гарри завел подружку-миллиардершу
Younger brother William could become richer than the Queen of Britain.

Принц Гарри завел подружку-миллиардершу

Prince Harry

Photo: Splash News/East news

ATHINA Roussel Onassis

There are millions of girls who wanted to win
the heart of the charming younger brother of Prince William, experienced a violent
disappointment. Harry finally found himself a worthy friend
which one day may become his lawful wife. As it became
you know, the Prince started Dating Athena Roussel-Onassis — granddaughter of a billionaire
Aristotle Onassis, the man who married Jackie Kennedy, widow
the President of the United States. This was reported to journalists said a friend of the Duchess of Cambridge Jessica hay.

With 31-year-old Athena, which is friends call
Tina Harry is familiar for a long time. The fact that his fiancee — athlete-rider,
successfully participating in international competitions for the team of Greece. And Harry, who
and he enjoys equestrian sports, not just crossed her in the competition.
However, until recently they had only a friendship, because Tina was married. But last year, Tina had caught his wife of Alvaro de Miranda Neto in
treason. He was caught “red-handed”,
bed with another woman. Then, Onassis made the decision with him
to get a divorce. And for solace turned to an old friend of Harry’s. The Prince took her
Woe to heart and supported in a difficult situation for her. Then Harry
and Tina moved closer and their friendship turned into romance…

Harry, who this fall will be 32
years, has long wanted to find a wife and have children. But all the time complained that could not find a suitable candidate for the role
his wife. And now he had the perfect opportunity. First, Tina,
seems genuinely fascinated Harry. Second, she received excellent
education and will not fail the Prince’s ignorance of etiquette even at the Royal court. And,
finally, Onassis fabulously rich: when she turned 18, she
inherited $ 2.7 billion — about half of the state of his grandfather. And
after all, even Queen Elizabeth, according to experts, it has “only” 425

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