Prince Harry had a few too many cocktails at the wedding of a friend

Принц Гарри перебрал с коктейлями на свадьбе приятеля
The girlfriend of Prince eclipsed the bride.

Принц Гарри перебрал с коктейлями на свадьбе приятеля

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry had a fun weekend in Jamaica
at the wedding of his best friend Tom Inskeep (nickname Skippy), buddy Prince
at the “antics” of youth. Harry was pleased with the way things have gone, especially since
on the occasion of the marriage, he managed for the first time bring out your favorite
girl. And Meghan Markle made a strong impression on the guests of the event. About
it reported the newspaper the

Принц Гарри перебрал с коктейлями на свадьбе приятеля

Prince Harry


Megan flew to Jamaica apart from Harry, because he came to the wedding from London and she is from Canada where they filmed another season of “Force majeure”. In Jamaica, the lovers settled in one of the luxury cottages, located on the sea shore, where one night stay costs about 5 thousand pounds. However, Harry didn’t fork out for such luxury homes, rented to all its exclusive guests of the couple. Incidentally, the bride — Laura Hughes-young, daughter of Lord St Helens — completely effaced in the background of Megan. Markle bright dress with floral patterns from the canadian brand Erdem eclipsed the bride’s wedding dress. And indeed Markle surprised the guests — she was so loose and relaxed, as if every day attends high society wedding. She did not try to attract attention, and at the same time, clearly did not feel “at ease”.

Tom Inskeep and Laura Hughes-young,


As for Harry, his weekend is still marred by one unfortunate episode. The younger brother of Prince William clearly have not calculated their strength and went a little overboard with the cocktails. In the end, when he decided to surprise the guests on the dance floor, picturing something in the style of the famous “moonwalk” of Michael Jackson, he didn’t stay on his feet and lost his balance, crashed into the waitress. The girl collapsed on the floor with his tray, Laden with glasses of drinks. Long Harry sheepishly apologized to the victim for his awkwardness. The Prince was very frustrated by the incident, which apparently spoiled his mood. Perhaps that is why Harry and Megan did not party like other guests until the morning, and retired to his cottage shortly after midnight. But the next morning, the lovers had a fine go from splashing around in the sea and sunbathing on the beach. Megan has demonstrated her great figure in a bikini as Harry boasted near-perfect press with a clearly drawn “cubes”.