Prince Harry for the first time openly spoke about Princess Diana

Принц Гарри впервые откровенно заговорил о принцессе Диане

Almost 20 years after the tragic death of Princess Diana with her younger son Prince Harry decided to openly talk about what the emotion feels about the loss of your mother.

Принц Гарри впервые откровенно заговорил о принцессе Диане

Did Harry not in an interview with the press, as part of the documentary “Prince Harry in Africa”, which tells about the work his charity project Sentebale, set up in cooperation with the Prince of Lesotho, Seeiso 10 years ago.

“Actually, I was not able to cope with what happened. I buried the emotions deep inside and most of my life trying not to even think about it” — began his story on the monarch.

Harry says actually it was hard for him to overcome this loss largely because the family had the attention of a huge number of people. The Prince weighed his status and to some extent he is still hated. However, over time the situation has changed and now Harry is happy that is part of the Royal family because it gives him the opportunity to do something useful for the world.

“Now I treat life very differently than before. I hid my head in the sand and let everything around us go to pieces. When my mother died I was very young and resent their status. Now I have so much energy and fuse that, on the contrary, I’m happy to be a part of the Royal family, because it gives me the opportunity to change the world around them”, says Harry.

Earlier, Queen Elizabeth II approved the choice of Prince Harry.