Принц Гарри улетел с любимой в романтическое путешествие
Friends of the Prince are waiting for the announcement of the engagement.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Harry, who until recently tried not to attract attention to his
the novel with Meghan Markle, it seems, decided to
an important step that will lead their relationship to a new level. The Prince, who in September will celebrate his 33rd birthday, went with
loved in Africa where he is expected to propose to her.

Reporters for the British newspaper the Sun managed to catch Harry and Megan in a London airport when they
preparing to Board the plane. And this time neither Harry nor Meghan did
no attempt to hide from cameras cameras. On the contrary, both radiant smile, and Harry gently
embraced by the shoulders of his beloved, which just yesterday turned 36 years old.

time was wondering how and where Megan will be celebrating her birthday. After all
a large part of the summer she spent in Canada, where he participated in the filming
the next season of “Force majeure”, where she plays one of main roles. To
fortunately, the creators of the show managed just in time for the Markle exit.
And last week, Megan arrived in London. And this time not alone,
and with my mom Dooriya, Redlin. Paparazzi managed to photograph them together during
walking around the city.

The appearance
in Britain, Mrs. Redlin has created a new
a wave of rumors about the imminent engagement of Harry and Megan, because its arrival could
mean that Harry decided to show mom in your own favorite
relatives, i.e. members of the Royal family, ahead of
the official betrothal.

Did this meeting in fact,
it is still unknown. But the fact that Harry took his beloved in Africa, which
he considers his “second home”, was perceived as a preparation for engagement.
After all, and Prince William, who loves this continent, no less than his brother, seven years
ago chose Africa to propose to his future wife