Prince Harry first came to light with a new lover

Принц Гарри впервые вышел в свет с новой возлюбленной
Brother William prepares for the engagement.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Yesterday Prince Harry for the first time, led his
favorite is Meghan Markle, whom he started Dating last year, the official Grand event
Britain. Previously, they have already made the release, but it happened in a much
less formal atmosphere and away from
Albion — Jamaica,
the wedding of friend Harry — Tom Inskeep. At the same time, the pair attended a charity
the equestrian Polo match, held in Ascot, where races are usually favorite
Queen Elizabeth. However, yesterday the current reigning monarch was not here,
but there were many other scions of aristocratic families, as well as representatives of the elite of show business.

It’s funny to watch the match in Ascot came
in particular, the actor who, although he is not an aristocrat, at the present
time is a person of the blue blood. We are talking about Matt Smith, who
entrusted in the popular series “the Crown” to play the role of Prince Philip, grandfather Prince
Harry. The event was also attended by another famous actor — Eddie Redmayne, who incidentally, went to Eton with his older brother
Harry, William, and even played along with
him in the same swim team. The William this time among the players was not
but Harry successfully played one of the teams, and Megan enthusiastically applauded
him from the Royal box.

Incidentally, the appearance of Harry Markle at this
event many considered it a sign that soon will be announced
engagement. In fact, this week has already spread the rumor that the Prince and
Megan got engaged. It happened when the mysterious convened an emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace. The first reaction when hearing that
something serious happened either with Queen, or with her husband. And then, when
this information was refuted, all decided that it would be announced:
Megan became the Prince’s bride. To the disappointment of fans Markle, it was found that
it was about a completely different event: a 95-year-old Prince Philip announced his “retirement”.