Prince Harry finally gave his beloved a diamond ring

Принц Гарри наконец-то преподнес своей избраннице кольцо с бриллиантом
Megan will not part with a gift loved one.

Принц Гарри наконец-то преподнес своей избраннице кольцо с бриллиантом


Meghan Markle


Prince Harry is ready for his favorite — Meghan Markle on any spending. The last time Harry falls asleep
his darling expensive gifts. And recently, Megan received from her Prince,
I dreamed of a million girls — gold ring with a diamond! The truth is she
it, alas, not on the ring finger. So, by all appearances, is still
not an engagement ring. However, mark is clearly proud of the gift of the Prince and is
it is almost constantly taking off only when he goes on set
the setting for the television series “Force majeure”.

of the first gifts a 32-year-old Harry was his favorite not-too-expensive jewelry — bracelet
of blue and white beads. But thanks to this thing, the whole world learned that Markle
was his girl. After all, when Megan posted on his page in the social
the online pictures of the bracelet on her arm, it’s not
could not help but notice that he was an exact copy of the same accessory
which never left Harry. After all, this thing was simply impossible to buy in
the supermarket is the Prince brought back from his trip to Africa.

But the following gifts Harry was not exactly cheap.
For example, one of them is a “band of allegiance” from Cartier. The creators of this
jewelry has designed it so that it was worn almost constantly — lock only opens with a screwdriver. But the most
notable among the other gifts of the Prince was a delicate gold necklace from Maya Brenner — with the letters “H” and “M” is the first
the letters of their names are Harry and Meghan
(that is, Harry and Megan).

However, Prince is ready yet and not to such
spending for the sake of his beloved. This year he is going to bring happiness to Megan at
birthday, which the actress will be celebrating in August, not cheap
gift — Mini
Cooper, who is worth over 30 thousand dollars. But it
not all. According to British media, although the Queen gave to the Prince
the cottage is situated on the site of Kensington Palace, Harry leads
negotiating the purchase of a country house where he could live with Markle.