Prince Harry fell in love with a divorced actress

Принц Гарри влюбился в разведенную актрису

Heir to the throne had six months of having an affair with the star of the TV series Meghan Markle.

The new darling of the Prince became the star of the TV series “Force majeure”. Megan Harry met during a visit to Toronto, where the series is removed.

The first meeting took place more than six months ago. However, the novel pairs was declassified only now, and all thanks to the observation of the British tabloids, who only have eyes for royals. Journalists were able to catch Megan and Harry on a date in London!

Принц Гарри влюбился в разведенную актрису

The lovers see each other infrequently, because shooting at Markle pass in Canada, and every time for the sake of meeting a girl has to get on a plane. Not the Prince will be to fly her! Suddenly the grandmother of Elizabeth II learns! Although, according to insiders, the Queen has been alerted and, as always, not approve of the choice of the grandson, because the reputation of his passions is not so cloudless.

Elizabeth the alarming fact that the choice of the Prince was already married and her marriage lasted only two years, and profession, Megan has chosen not aristocratic. Actress, but still not particularly well-known and appeared in spicy scenes! In the end, she’s older than Harry for three years (she’s 35 and he’s 32!). Where have you seen this?!

While the Queen is angry, friends of Megan is willing to tell reporters that Harry simply intoxicated with the beauty of the girl and goes crazy.

Who knows, maybe a burning brunette and happens to take the Prince under the crown, and maybe his dope, as usual, will end quickly.