Принц Гарри вступил в секретные переговоры с отцом своей невесты
In organizing a marriage ceremony there has been important change.

Принц Гарри вступил в секретные переговоры с отцом своей невесты

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Prince Harry is very timely and showed his talent “negotiator”. He managed
to handle his fiancee Megan with her father. In the end he managed to eliminate
a serious problem that interfered with the planning of the ceremony.

The fact that until very recently the Prince and Markle could not
to decide who conducts her to the altar. As the father of Megan, Thomas Markle, lives in Mexico and has long been
lost contact with her daughter, it seemed highly unlikely that he will take
on this important mission. Especially after Harry allowed himself
careless statement, saying that his relatives Megan “found
a real family, which she never was.”

Tom Markle


According to friends of the Thomas Markle, he was very offended by this statement.
However, as it became known the other day, Harry had a secret phone
negotiations with the bride’s father and managed to achieve excellent results. It
apologized to Thomas, and that, as a friend said Markle, Laurie Davis,
more “no holds upon him the resentment of the Prince”. What’s more, Thomas allegedly called Harry “a real gentleman”. The Prince was able to achieve a warming of relations
Megan and her father, who divorced my mom Markle when she was only 6 years old.
So now the contact between the father and daughter recovered, and Thomas is ready to fly to London 19 may — the day of the scheduled wedding
and perform its honorable mission.

We will remind: earlier it was reported that Harry and Megan thought of two possible
out of the current predicament. Originally they wanted to offer mother
the bride — Doria — to get the little girl to the altar. But later began to lean in
ensure that to entrust this task to his older brother Harry, Prince William. However,
both looked too defiant violation of the traditions.