Prince Harry decided on the open date with a sweetheart

Принц Гарри решился на открытое свидание с возлюбленной Lovers together visited the theatre, and walked through the streets of London to the delight of the onlookers. According to witnesses, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looked truly in love and happy. Before that the paparazzi failed to capture a couple together.

      Принц Гарри решился на открытое свидание с возлюбленной

      The development of relations between the heir to the throne of great Britain Prince Harry and his girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, with interest virtually the entire world. On the eve of the lovers spent the evening together. The darling Prince loves the theater, but because the man decided to bring his lover pleasure and chose Comedy about Peter pan based on the story of James Barry. According to foreign publications, the heir to the throne at the last minute managed to buy tickets to a show.

      After the war, the couple decided to walk through the busy streets of London. Apparently, they did not bother the fact that passers-by will be of interest to their personas. It is during promenade Prince Harry and Megan Markle said the journalists who took the first pictures of the couple. The lovers went for the handle on the Piccadilly, admiring the Christmas decoration. To this day, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared together, but their romance was just starting to talk, and nobody has been able to take a couple.

      “Harry said his privacy is very important to him, but he and Megan are not afraid to appear in public together, – told in the entourage of the Prince. – They are really crazy about each other and told friends, very in love”.

      Now Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the limelight. Not long ago, the heir to the throne, was incensed against the hype around his lady. In order to protect personal space in the Royal person and his lover, the representatives of Kensington Palace made an official statement. “The girl Prince Harry Meghan Markle became the object of moral harassment. Many of these statements were published on the front pages of Newspapers. In all these notes and articles, social media, the comments contained blatant sexism and racism. Some incidents were hidden from the public… Prince Harry is concerned about the safety of miss Markle and deeply disappointed that were not able to defend it,” – said in the appeal.

      Prince Harry may not be allowed to marry sweetheart

      According to the newspaper The Sun on Monday, Megan arrived from her native Toronto. The girl stopped at his chosen one in the Royal residence. They have already managed to buy a Christmas tree now and enjoy quiet evenings together.