Prince Harry chose a place for honeymoon with Meghan Markle

Принц Гарри облюбовал место для медового месяца с Меган Маркл
A friend of the Prince told about his plans.

Принц Гарри облюбовал место для медового месяца с Меган Маркл

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle


Prince Harry, who is paying an official visit to the region
Islands of the Caribbean, put in a very awkward situation. 32-year-old Harry, who
arrived in Antigua and Barbuda, as the representative of Queen Elizabeth is considered the head
this island state member of the Commonwealth of Nations, has resulted in extreme
embarrassment the Prime Minister of this country. This story was told
the online edition

Breaking the Protocol, Prime Minister allowed himself
to make a joke about the personal life of the Prince. “Well, it seems soon there will be
one Princess. I want to invite you and her to our honeymoon, you will
here very happy!” laughing he said, alluding to the Roman Prince with Meghan Markle and his expected engagement. Harry, who always tried any
to avoid public discussion of such topics was terribly embarrassed. He even
didn’t find what to say in response and lowered his head, began to look at their

But the Premier was not satisfied and asked the Prince
meet local girls participating in beauty contest. “Don’t worry,
if that happens, no one will know. We’re terrible at keeping secrets!” he said, completely bewildering reddened as cancer, Harry…

Incidentally, in the love story of a Prince that became the subject of public
discussion is planned in the near future development. According to the informant
edition of us.magazine, Harry and his beloved
Meghan Markle after his visit
in the Caribbean region, will travel together for a week on a romantic trip. But
that’s where it is not reported – for reasons of security. And after
relax, Megan is going to visit his family and do charity
work. As said the actress, recently completed work on the sixth season of the series
“Force majeure”, where she plays one of main roles, it needs a lot to keep up
the upcoming couple of months. Indeed, in March will begin shooting the next, already the seventh