Prince Harry came up with the perfect place for engagement with Meghan Markle

Принц Гарри придумал идеальное место для помолвки с Меган Маркл
Brother of Prince William is preparing to propose his beloved.

Принц Гарри придумал идеальное место для помолвки с Меган Маркл

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle


As it became known to the reporter website — from an insider, well informed about the plans of the members of the Royal family
Prince Harry is ready for engagement with Meghan Markle. Moreover, for this important event
he chose a particularly expensive place for him. According to the source, Prince
was going to propose to his beloved in Africa. And this will be possible
Prince pretty soon because he is going to go with a favorite in Kenya on the

As repeatedly stated and Harry, and his older brother William, Africa is
a special place in their hearts, and care about the protection of living on the hot continent rare
species of animals became one of the main Affairs of their lives. Recall that William in
the time also made a proposal to his
beloved in Africa. Older brother, Harry, then rented a cabin in the mountains of Kenya where
gave Katherine the famous ring with the rarest sapphire inherited from
Princess Diana and asked favorite to become his wife…

As for Harry, he, unlike his brother, decided not to wait 10 years
before being married to my beloved. Recall that although the novel Harry Markle
started last spring, the public became aware of it only in November, when
Megan hinted at the fact that she
have an affair with the Prince, on his page in the social network. Although
lovers try not to attract attention to their relationship too much attention, since
then reporters managed several times to photograph them together. And in March of this year, Harry
first came to light with the favorite, fly her to Jamaica for the wedding of his
other. Moreover, Megan visited with Harry and the wedding of her sister Duchess
Catherine — Pippa Middleton. Although the wedding itself it was not, the Prince
made a special trip for her to London, to bring to the Banquet. Incidentally, as
say, Harry had already secured the consent of the Queen engaged to Markle.