Prince Harry called her for a Frank conversation with Elizabeth II

Принц Гарри вызвал избранницу на откровенную беседу с Елизаветой II Informed sources close to the Royal family announced to Western journalists that the young man presented his beloved grandmother. According to insiders, Queen Elizabeth II welcomed the choice Harry.
Принц Гарри вызвал избранницу на откровенную беседу с Елизаветой II

Star of TV series “suits” Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not concealed the affair from the public. Apparently, young people are happy together and are very serious. Day after day in the media discuss the rumors about the engagement the lovers. Megan and Harry prefer to refrain from making any official statements about it. Rumor has it that the actress and the heir to the British throne plans to announce important news in December. Whether this is so is anyone’s guess.

Recently the foreign tabloids began spreading rumors that Harry made an offer to the second half. According to the insiders, recently a young man presented the second half of Elizabeth II as a bride. The meeting took place on the third of September. The heir to the British throne took her to Scottish home of the grandmother.

“Harry all summer, was not in the castle, so he decided to go there. He also wanted to introduce Meghan from the Queen. Everything went well. No doubt they will have many meetings… Finally he introduced that he loves, the person that really cares,” – said the insider.

Now, as reported by sources close to the Royal family, Harry and Megan will focus on the organization of the ceremony. It is known that the Prince pulled a fabulous sum for a luxurious engagement ring in platinum and emeralds. The decoration, which cost the heir to the British throne in 100 thousand pounds, made of a bracelet that once belonged to Princess Diana.

As for the origin of Meghan Markle, then, according to insiders, it has not played any role. “She fits right into the family,” commented a source close to the beloved actress.

Earlier, the star of the series “Force majeure” for the first time spoke about the relationship with the Prince. In an interview with a glossy magazine Meghan Markle said, what’s really in love with the heir to the British throne. As an actress, she is not watching the news in the press about his affair with Harry. Meghan Markle has hinted at problems in the relationship with Prince Harry

“We were secretly Dating for six months before the moment that our relationship became a subject of discussion. All this time I continued to do my job, and the only thing that has changed is the perception of my person people. In me nothing has changed. I remain the same Megan, I never tried to define myself through relationships,” he said.