Принц Гарри покупает для любимой новый дом
Younger brother William is concerned about the safety of Megan Markle

Принц Гарри покупает для любимой новый дом

Prince Harry


Meghan Markle


As it became known, Prince Harry talks about
buying for your favorite new housing in Los Angeles. The price for the house
was chosen by the Prince is not small — he asked for 12.7 million dollars. But Harry,
which is very concerned about the issue of security Meghan Markle, not going on it
to save. This was reported online edition femalefirst.co.uk.

Harry stopped his choice on the house, which
sells actress Reese Witherspoon. The actress at the time, purchased the mansion for
a much more modest amount, but since then she has conducted a thorough
the reconstruction of the mansion built 1949, which significantly increased its

The Reese house is located in the suburbs of Los Angeles — Pacific Palisades. It has 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a garage
a few cars, not to mention the fact that it offers a stunning view
the ocean. But the main advantage of home –
in its secluded location. Besides, the house is equipped with the most modern
security system. And on the territory there is a special house for
bodyguards. And this is very important for Harry, because he wants Megan
feel completely safe.

The fact is that since then, as it became known that
Megan — a friend of the Prince, it opened
a real hunt. She literally cannot leave the house without her not
followed by the paparazzi. And once in her home tried to break some
the stranger and the police had to temporarily adopt her. Currently, Megan is pursuing a significant part of the year in Canada
where starred in the series “Force majeure”. However, currently her camera
the chart formed a long pause until March next year, and she can afford to spend this time at home
in Los Angeles. And Harry wants her to have in this city safe housing.

At present, the lovers are at different
continents. But recently they managed to see briefly. Says
transatlantic press, Harry, violating the Protocol, looked into the beloved in Canada
the way back home after his official tour to the Caribbean. They say
the Prince was so passionate about Markle that was not afraid to displease his grandmother, the Queen
Elizabeth, willfully changing his prescribed route of travel.