Принц Гарри покупает дом для совместной жизни с Меган Маркл
Younger brother William’s dreams of a big family.

Принц Гарри покупает дом для совместной жизни с Меган Маркл

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry


As it became known to the informant of the site radaronline.com,
Prince Harry has his eye on a house for living together with his beloved —
Megan Markle. He opted for a spacious mansion in the County of Norfolk.

Any Harry mansion is Dirame, less than 100 miles from London. What
as for the size of the house, then it is more than spacious — it has 8 bedrooms. And
the land on which it is located, is also quite extensive — about 30 hectares. So
kids that Prince wants to get with Megan, will be where to roam. As
reportedly, the Prince has opted for a housing including because
it is located in a quiet wooded area, and here you can come with your family
for the weekend to take a break from London and strictly Palace Protocol.

In fact, Harry already has a place where he can live with Meghan on a regular basis — the Queen
Elizabeth gave him one of the cottages located on the territory of Kensington
Palace. But to start a life together with the Markle Prince can, of course, not earlier
than when he at least make her an official offer. However, according to rumors, Harry has already secured
blessing of the Queen, and the engagement is scheduled for August of this year.

This year the Prince already started to display the Megan in the light, as its official
friend. They together attended the wedding
best friend Prince — Tom Inskeep Jamaica. A little more than a week ago, the Prince brought with
a Markle at the wedding of her sister Duchess
Cambridge — Pippa Middleton. However, at the wedding of Pippa in the Church Megan not
was. The Prince went in Markle in London and they both had fun at the party until midnight…