Принц Гарри довел бывшую девушку до слез накануне свадьбы The representative of the Royal family seriously spoke with Chelsea Davy. Ex-fiancee of Prince Harry didn’t even want to go to his wedding, but then decided to attend part of the event.
Принц Гарри довел бывшую девушку до слез накануне свадьбы

Last Saturday was the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Among the invited guests there were about 600 people. For many it was quite an honor to attend this festive celebration, but there were those who refused to go. As it became known to the media, on the eve of the marriage Harry was talking with former girlfriend Chelsea Davy. He dated a girl for about six years, but by 2011 their affair ended.

“They had a farewell call. During the last conversation they both agreed that Harry needed to move on… Chelsea was very excited and cried. She didn’t want to go to the wedding, but eventually agreed and promised Harry that he would not try to get to the party”, – reported in the environment.

The official part of the celebration took place at Windsor castle. However, after that, many guests went to a party in Frogmore house. Meghan Markle replaced two outfit during the wedding she was in a Givenchy dress, and then dressed in Stella McCarthney. Davy visited only a part of the wedding.

“Chelsea was only invited to the ceremony at Windsor castle. Like Cressida Bonas, it was not on the guest list for the party in the manor Frogmore house. At St George’s chapel, Chelsea watched as Megan and Harry exchanged vows,” added the insider.

You can say that Chelsea’s relationship with Harry was very painful, as they sometimes parted. The young people met in South Africa, where Harry was visiting, the purpose of which was to support a charitable organization in protection of AIDS patients in Lesotho. Chelsea studied at the University of Cape town. Many believed that Chelsea will be a British Princess.

However, despite the fact that she was accompanied by Harry at the wedding of Prince William, they never happened. Netizens watched the emotions Davy at marriage, her ex-boyfriend. As I joked in the comments, on her face was disappointment.

“Between Harry and Chelsea didn’t have the spark that ran when he met Megan. As soon as he met his future wife, knew immediately that he wanted to be with her. He met the right girl at the right time,” said the insider.