Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appeared together at an official event

Принц Гарри и Меган Маркл впервые появились вдвоем на официальном мероприятии
A friend of the Prince came to the stadium with an imposing companion.

Megan Makri and Marcus Anderson


The long-awaited first outing of Prince Harry and his lady Megan at a formal event was not quite
so, as many expected. The fact that the stadium in Toronto where the solemn opening of the Invictus Games — sports for
soldiers injured during military action, the Prince and his beloved arrived
at the same time. However, to the disappointment of fans of the pair on the bleachers they were seated not on the nearby

The Prince immediately took a seat in the VIP box, next to the heads of state arrived at
event. As Megan held on and sat on the usual place. Moreover, to the extreme bewilderment of the audience, who recognized the actress, a nearby place with her took an imposing man with whom Megan began to talk animatedly. Later, however, the mystery was solved. Reporters
was able to identify the satellite Megan: he was her friend — restaurateur Marcus Anderson,
which was reportedly introduced to Harry Markle last year. Yet, even though Megan and Prince were separated for 18
places, they occasionally threw at each other tender looks. And when the Prince,
the initiative which was first used for the Game, made a welcome speech
addressed to the participants of the competition, Megan rose from her seat and standing
applauded beloved.

All found that Markle looked beautiful: on the occasion
open she dressed in an impressive dark red
dress with deep V-neck, and the shoulders slipped fashionable leather
the jacket the right color. And although she came to the stadium like in the informal
status — not as the girlfriend of the Prince, and as a regular spectator, it was accompanied by
three Royal bodyguard. They spent Markle to her place when
the event has already begun. And then had her escorted from the stadium before other
the audience began to leave their seats.

Many have wondered why it took such a complicated scheme, if Harry
long ceased to hide the fact that Megan is his girl. Besides, it and itself Markle allowed
himself in a recent interview openly declare their love for Prince. As
it turned out, it wasn’t “conspiracy”. Just Protocol
formal event, Megan would have the right to be in the VIP box high
guests only if she was officially betrothed to Harry. But the engagement of Prince, which all have been waiting for
for a long time, yet never took place.