Принц Гарри признался, что не хотел бы слишком много детей
The wife of the Prince has proven that he can forgive the wrongs.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


The visit of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in Ireland attracted the tremendous attention of the public: first of all
because it was their first overseas voyage to the new status. Besides, during
visit fashionista Megan managed to show a lot of new outfits, each of which
it is a lively discussion in the media. For example, the appearance of the Duchess in a dress from Emilia Wickstead, has forced many to change their opinion about the character

What Emilia was among the few who dared to criticize the appearance Markle wedding day. First, Wixted said
a wedding dress created for
Duchess Givenchy, copied from one of the outfits
her own collection. But Emilia did not stop. “In addition
other things, if you choose a dress such a concise style, it has to be customized
the figure is perfect. And the dress Megan was sitting on her frankly bad!” said Wixted. Emilia “walked” and even the hair Markle. “Do
it was impossible to comb her hair properly, it is the Royal wedding!!!” — sarcastically
noticed Wixted.

Megan apparently decided to show that she is above these sarcastic statements. After the Duchess came in a black sleeveless dress to the reception in
the British Embassy in Dublin, Emilia decided to apologize. She refused
from his words, saying that she was misunderstood, and wished Megan’s happiness.

During a trip to Ireland Harry also made a name for himself When the Prince spoke with his fans, one of the women told him that
she has five children, and then asked if he was going with Megan to follow
her example. What Harry said, “No, five, this is clearly too much!” However, the Prince, who last fall said that soon he and Megan
will have children, has never said exactly how many kids he planned with his wife.