Prince George does not know that one day will be king

Принц Джордж не знает, что однажды станет королем
Son William has no idea what fate awaits him.

Prince George

Photo: Splash News/East news

Recently Prince William surprised the world,
saying: he still has not told his son that he is the future king.
Moreover, it turns out that George, who in July of this year will be three years,
do not know what position his family! For him the Prince
William — just dad, the Duchess of Cambridge — mother, and Elizabeth II — “parabolica”, as he calls her baby.

“The time will come, and I will tell
George all. And while we try to ensure that he felt
calmly and confidently, and we had with Kate so much parental love as
only we can give him!” — said William.

By the way, as admitted by the father
George, he still could not imagine himself king. After all, when
will be time for William to take a seat on the throne, it would mean, as explained
Prince, Elizabeth and his father Charles will no longer be alive, but this prospect
do not make him happy. However, perhaps not all so tragic. After all
constantly circulating rumors of a possible abdication of the Queen in favour of William.

As for young George,
he is still hard at enjoying their childhood. Recently, the network appeared the new picture
Prince in a white bath robe, just fascinated Internet users. By the way,
the robes of this model, which costs only 39 dollars, were sold within
in a matter of hours. However, this happens with almost any clothes in which
charming baby appears in public. No wonder in Britain say the so-called “George effect”, which clearly stimulates the development of the fashion industry. However, the young Prince already had a worthy competitor for this part — or rather, a competitor. His younger sister Charlotte, which soon will celebrate its first birthday, has inspired designers to create collections dedicated to her clothes. In addition, in honor of the girls named lovely chrysanthemums and launched the lipstick, resembling the color of baby lips.

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