Prince Charles with a shudder recalls the years of “tragic” marriage with Diana

Принц Чарльз с содроганием вспоминает годы «трагического» брака с Дианой The representative of the Royal family admitted that he was never happy with my first wife. The man with horror speaks about a joint life with lady Di. Such revelations Prince Charles was discovered in an archive of letters addressed to the wife of Ronald Reagan.
Принц Чарльз с содроганием вспоминает годы «трагического» брака с Дианой

In the archives of the Foundation of Ronald Reagan found letters that were addressed to the wife of the American President Nancy. One of them is dated 21 June 1992. The author of these papers was the representative of the British Royal family, Prince Charles. The heir to the throne was very friendly with the Reagans. The letter, which was handling “My dear Nancy” was kept by the former first lady of the United States before her death at the age of 94 years.

In one of the passages Charles complains about marriage with Princess Diana. At that time the couple were married for 11 years. “No one can understand the severity of this situation, while itself it will not, therefore, every day all becomes worse and worse. I promise one day I’ll tell you the whole story, but it is so terrible that only a few people who are not eyewitnesses to the events, will be able to believe it. It’s like a Greek tragedy,” the confession of Charles surprised those who knew, as the representative of blue blood does not like to publicly Express emotion. It turned out that with these words, he described family life with Diana.

“It was so horrible… back then, very few would be able to believe it,” said Charles.

In the archival letters, the heir to Queen Elizabeth II wrote that on the eve of the decade of their marriage with Diana, writers and journalists began to produce terrible books. “You can imagine what they been written?” – said Charles.

All the news of different genre and mood, however, is written in black ink on special paper, which was used by the Prince. The man had sent letters to Nancy from different parts of England. In particular, his handwriting is different special points on the English letter “i”.

Recall that Diana and Charles had been married for about 15 years. As noted in surrounded by couples, lady Di has always attracted people’s attention, and the spouse remained in the shadows of its glory. In the biography “Charles. Heart of a king” author Catherine Mayer has a passage where it amounts to an improper statement of the Prince.

“One of his most famous blunders happened during the interview about the engagement when a journalist asked him and Diana Spencer, can we say that they are in love with each other. “Of course!” – answered Diana. “Whatever it is “in love,” – said the groom with a poker face. His inability to love “Queen of people’s hearts,” as accurately characterized his later public role of Diana, immediately made him in the eyes of the people a scoundrel and a jerk,” – said in a biography.