Prince Charles has set an impressive record

Принц Чарльз поставил впечатляющий рекорд
The father of Prince William hopes to be king.

Принц Чарльз поставил впечатляющий рекорд

Prince Charles


Queen Elizabeth II


The heir
Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, who managed to grow old while waiting
the queue for the throne, can be comforted by at least the fact that he was able
to set a new record. Charles
proclaimed the “patient” the Prince of Wales in British history – in the sense that it is the longest
in the position of heir.

The title of Prince
Wales was granted to Charles, as befits the eldest son of the Queen, 26 July
1958. So that the overall lifetime in this “position” was already 59 years
and 15 days. Thus, the eldest son of Elizabeth surpassed the previous record,
set at the time of his great-great-grandfather Edward VII, son of Queen Victoria. Edward, however, still
had become the king in August 1902. Although the rules Edward long — only 9 years, died at the age of 68 years.
But Charles, incidentally, will be in November this year, already 69 years old, and he
still the Prince…

Will the Charles
to wear the crown, hard to say. In fact, although Elizabeth’s 91, she’s still
quite vigorous for his age. The Queen is still performing official
trips in Britain and overseas visits. Not to mention the fact that Elizabeth to
still rides on a horse and she drives my jeep. And mom
the current reigning monarch is Queen mother lived to 101 years. And if
Elizabeth II will repeat its achievement on the part of
longevity, by that time Prince Charles will be almost 80 years old.
Late in the day in order to ascend to the throne.

However, how many
years have turned to Charles, by that time, when the current Queen regnant leave
this world will become heir to it. And just in case
his death or abdication of the throne will be able to take his son Prince William.