Prince Charles for the first time in a long time, kissed the wife in public!

Принц Чарльз впервые за долгое время поцеловал супругу на публике!
The heir to the British throne and Camilla Bowles-Parker kissed in front of the astonished audience.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles


Prince Charles at all gently kissed his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles at the airport of Singapore, where they met after a separation. The fact that the couple, who rarely parted, flew to the island, where they begin their official tour of the countries of Southeast Asia and India, separately. Camille arrived on a private jet after the so-called “private vacations”, when the whereabouts of the member of the Royal family officially, the press service of the Palace says nothing. And Prince Charles arrived in Singapore by plane RAF. It is known that spouses have a very warm relationship, and they seem still in love with each other. Nevertheless, Prince Charles is the first time kissed his wife in public in 2001, before he received the permission of the Queen to this marriage. And the second time in 2005, at the Polo match. And now, after so many years again allowed himself to Express feelings.

The Royal family of Britain is not made publicly Express their feelings. Hold hands, gently hugged is the maximum that can members of the Royal family, including Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip. This is true even of the new generation of Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William kissed publicly only once. On the balcony of Buckingham Palace on their wedding day, and then only at the insistence of a huge crowd of his fans gathered at the Royal residence.

The heir to the throne and his wife will visit Malaysia, Borneo, and other countries in the British Commonwealth. End of the tour after 11 days in the capital of India, new Delhi. The Prince will be involved in more than 50 official events. Including it in the name and on behalf of his mother Elizabeth will open the Sports Games of the Commonwealth. The Queen for some time ceased to make long journeys and charges to make important state visits of his heirs to my son Charles and grandsons princes William and Harry. Although she is clearly in no hurry to pass the crown to the eldest son.