Prince Charles demands $ 750 million for reconstruction of the Palace

Принц Чарльз требует 750 миллионов долларов на реконструкцию дворца

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla likes to live in the Imperial mansions, and yet the Queen mother Elizabeth II, in her words, sleeping on the darn sheets, her son is not going to continue this tradition. The heir to the British throne requires the Kingdom to allocate $ 750 million for the reconstruction and repair of Buckingham Palace.

“This is outrageous! He pretends to be poor and wants to lay a huge amount on the shoulders of taxpayers,” — said the representative of the British house of Commons.
It is noteworthy that in the Palace only the Queen lives with her husband, and the Charles and his wife live separately. Perhaps in the near future, the Prince is going to occupy the residence of the mother and wants him to move, everything was ready.
“Restorative works include the upgrading of 10 miles of water pipes, 6,500 electrical sockets, 500 sinks and toilets, 20 miles of fencing and more. We don’t have ten years to complete this type of repair.. Obviously, Charles is already trying on the throne of his mother, who is slowly losing ground and could die at any moment. this expensive luxury is needed not Elizabeth and Charles and Camilla, who sleep and see themselves in Buckingham Palace..” says the indignant official.
If you believe the rumors (let’s face it, repeated from year to year), after Christmas and new year Prince Charles plans to take the throne, and Elizabeth send to Scotland.
By the way, there is a perception that the Queen may not want to give a warm place to his son, and is inclined to the candidacy of the grandson of the William who loved the British. Rumor has it that Camilla at the time was preparing some kind of coup, but Charles had cooled her ardor, and since then relations between the spouses deteriorated.
“Charles no one believes he wants to capitalize on reconstruction. Five years ago he had two billion dollars, and now he says that without five minutes the bankrupt,” says an insider.