Принц Чарльз заливался слезами всю ночь перед свадьбой с Дианой

Prince Charles – a very controversial person among the royalty of the world. The son of the ruling Queen of great Britain, which, probably, ever hoped to see, but in the end did not get it, became famous largely due to his scandalous marriage with Princess Diana, his unfaithfulness, and eventually Union with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Soon the world will see a new biography of the son of Queen Elizabeth II, which will shed light on many secrets of the life of the son of the current Queen. The authorship of the edition belongs to a courtly writer of the British Royal family Sally Bedell Smith.

Sally herself says that the books will be a lot of naughty things, mostly related to a love triangle of Charles-Diana-Camilla.

In particular, the book covers the marriage of Charles and Lady Di. Many knew that the couple were unhappy together, but few knew why it was. As it turned out, to marry Diana Spencer Charles made.

It turns out that Diana was well received in the Royal house and spent much time there. In 1980, the year began to spread rumors that “Diana visited the Palace not just for tea parties”. To spoil the reputation of the girl no one wanted. Join for Diane decided father Charles, Prince Philip, who wrote to your son that he was the Savior of the good name of the innocent Diana. Six months later, in July 1981, the couple were married. But even then the Prince had become attached to Camille. “All night on the eve of marriage Charles cried in his room because he thought that his life was over. He was not ready to be a husband. Besides still had feelings for Camilla” — says Bedell Smith.

Many years later, Charles and Camilla managed to officially become husband and wife, which are both incredibly happy. However, with years of happiness diminished. In the press quite often there are reports that Parker-Bowles is blackmailing her husband by revealing their secrets. But that’s another story…