Prince Andrew has pissed off the Queen Elizabeth

Принц Эндрю разозлил королеву Елизавету

57-year-old Prince Andrew recently angered Queen Elizabeth, the invitation to rest his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson at the family estate in Scotland. The Prince knew that there now enjoy the rest the Queen, but it did not prevent him to invite his ex-wife, a divorce which turned into a scandal.

The Queen was extremely indignant, but it is strictly prohibited to invite ex-wife did not. Sarah is the mother of princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, with whom it is allowed anywhere. Despite the great hostility of Elizabeth II to Ferguson, she decided to get contacts and communication with her to a minimum.

After his divorce with Prince in 1996, Ferguson’s pretty messed up its relations with the Royal family. Soon after she broke up with Andrew, another son of the Queen has decided to dissolve. The Queen is accused Sara in a sudden collapse of the family. Even during my married life with a member of the Royal family she was being inappropriate. After the divorce, her behavior deteriorated even more. Ferguson was fond of liquor, began to make acquaintance with the shady characters.

After Ferguson had spent all of his acquired fortune on alcohol and entertainment, she decided to earn some money, selling a business meeting with him for 500 thousand pounds. Ex-wife tried to remain unnoticed, but in the end may 23 has been posted a video which clearly shows that the sale stood exactly what it is. Ferguson has convinced at least two entrepreneurs that 500 thousand pounds in front of them will open any door. All the questions the woman answered with a statement that it is such a concern about Prince, his ex-wife, because he knows that she has problems in the financial position.

Despite past faults, Sarah Ferguson decided to be on the right path and improve their behaviour in society. Ex-wife lately, trying to get close to Prince Andrew. As we see on the news and the invitation at the estate, Andrew is very against it. That’s just his mom is not going to accept the intruder in his house.