Князь Альбер нанес жене серьезную обиду
Princess Charlene celebrated 39 years.

Prince albert and Princess Charlene


the Prince of Monaco — albert — came in a very awkward position. The thing
that past week his family had just two
significant dates: birthdays of his wife Charlene and sister Caroline. And if
about the sisters, he broke the entire flow of compliments and organized
a magnificent celebration in her honor, then to his wife he never even thought in advance
to buy a gift! About it reported the Internet-the edition hollywoodlife.com

on the eve of the birthday of Charlene the interviewer asked albert what he
will give his wife, the Prince couldn’t even hide his embarrassment. “Well… Actually
I haven’t bought anything yet. Guess I’ll give her … don’t know… Maybe
it will be some jewelry…” he muttered. And then, he took himself
in the hands, cheerfully said: “it’s okay, because I’m quite good at buying gifts in
the last moment!”

Of course,
the princely family of Grimaldi to which belongs albert, renowned for its wealth. So
to buy Charlene the diamonds will not make it work. But how
you know, expensive gifts albert indulges the wife not often. Best known for his
prezent — a really impressive tiara, which he gave to the wife on
wedding. Spectacular decoration, sparkling diamonds 1200, memorable guests
invited to the wedding of albert and Charlene in 2011. But it was already five years

this time Charlene gave birth to the Prince of the two heirs — the twins Princess
Gabriella and Prince Jacques. And all five years of married life of albert and his wife
went not too comforting rumors. In the past, Prince was known as a playboy,
whitereplica, despite his responsible position, to acquire two
illegitimate children. And shortly before the wedding, Charlene, as argued by the European media tried three times to escape from
Monaco and was withheld only with the help of the police. Say, and becoming married
man, albert has not changed much. Nevertheless, Charlene managed
to stay in the marriage with him for almost six years! As seen not by chance one of the
the few compliments publicly made during this time by the Prince addressed to his
wife was: “She’s exceptionally strong woman.”