Priluchny and muceniece rid of a luxury car

Прилучный и Муцениеце избавляются от шикарного авто The actor decided to part with the car. The movie star told his fans that Infiniti sells, as with the birth of a daughter, the family was in need of a bigger vehicle. About the merits of the car Paul told page in the social network.

      Прилучный и Муцениеце избавляются от шикарного авто

      Paul Priluchny and his wife, Agatha, Mulanje have become second time parents in March of this year. With the appearance of their daughters and spouses have to change car Infiniti where they go, as there are a small trunk and probably not enough space for wheelchairs and other supplies required to care for the baby.

      The announcement of the sale of the machine Priluchny posted on his page in the social network. “Our family is growing and we already don’t fit in our dates, so, feel free to put it up for sale. Car 2008 year, mileage 90 thousand miles, garage kept. There are small chips”, signed collage of photos of the car actor.

      Fans of stars suggest to Paul to buy a SUV that would fit all. Although some have noted that after buying a “date” it’s hard to find something worthy, in particular, due to the fact that the interior of the car, which sells Priluchny, according to many, perfect. The cost of the car is not specified, so we can only guess how many will have to pay for Infiniti to anyone who decides to purchase a “dream machine”.

      Unlike other stars Paul does not hesitate to take a ride on the subway. Recently, traffic congestion has forced the actor to use public transport. Impressions of the trip he shared in his microblog.

      By the way, for the sake of the children Paul and Agatha are ready to deal, not only to sell the beloved car. A few years ago, the couple built a country house for his son Timothy. According to them, in him they rest from city bustle. The house has four bedrooms. One for spouse, one for the son, the third for love Priluchnogo, mothers Pasha, the fourth for guests. Probably a fourth bedroom the couple will make room for my daughter MIA.

      However, sometimes in family life, Paul and Agatha disagreements boil and authentic Italian passion. Muceniece says that the actor is too jealous. According to star, her husband has repeatedly shown excessive emotionality. Sometimes they were fighting so much that they were ready to file divorce papers. Agatha’s pregnancy and the birth of a daughter softened the relations of the spouses. The mother of two children can not be nervous, and when the couple does not conflict.

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