Prikhodko said that the Russians in “Eurovision-2017” you need to be escorted

Приходько считает, что россиян на «Евровидение-2017″ нужно доставлять под конвоем

“Eurovision-2017” will be held in Ukraine. The conversation on the future of the song contest was already a lot. The main topics of discussion were – location (city, which will host the competition) and how are things with the Russian artists who wish to go to the competition to showcase their talents.

The city, which will host Eurovision, the Ukrainian authorities decided. And he did it under the pressure and fear that the right of the competition can give another country.

Now remains the case for small – at the proper level to organize this event, so to speak, not to strike in a dirt the person.

However, pushing for this Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko. The actress, who once played on “the Eurovision” from Russia, said that the Russian delegation should not even be allowed to participate in the competition, and if they give permission, then escort them under guard.

“The delegation from Russia, as always, aggressive, provocative. For what? And in order to do something new provocation in the media, so they started talking. For this we need to be prepared. But, again, the competition will pass us on the left coast? Well, but the Russian delegation let it be on the right. Under escort brought and taken away,” he said.

Recall that Prikhodko from the very beginning of the conflict in the Donbas occupied by Pro-Ukrainian position and now all sorts of ways to agitate against Russia.