Prigogine celebrated her birthday on the plane with Baskov

Пригожин отметил день рождения в самолете с Басковым

Thus began the day. And in the evening the producer and his wife Valeria went to the Banquet. However, on the occasion of another wedding.

Today, April 2, Joseph Prigogine was 47 years old. The famous producer began to celebrate the holiday early in the morning – in an airplane, and together with Nikolai Baskov, who was on the same flight.

“Dear Joseph, happy birthday! — one of the first he wrote in his microblog singer. — Be absolutely happy, and may all your dreams come true, and about how you’re a great person and friend, I can tell you right on the plane! To celebrate starting now.”

Woman’s Day also decided to call the traitor and caught him at the airport of Almaty, where together with Baskov came Joseph and Valeria.

“Valeria we invited our friend to the wedding of his son, – Joseph has told Woman’s Day. — So I’ll be the first to celebrate your birthday on another holiday. To be honest, I’m still not fully aware that I am 47 years old. Can’t compare the numbers. I always think I’m 27, 28 years old. Remember their expectations from the change of the Millennium, here it is, the Millennium, and now in the yard in 2016. What is the speed of life! But I am a happy person, I have a big family, I realized in the work. How many today call people: friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Only turned the phone on in the plane, showing 5000 messages. I’m in shock and very excited about it. It speaks about the attitude of people to me means, love, respect. I’m grateful for all the kind words. Thank you! And the main gift for me is a greeting of children. I have only one dream: to be realized in this life and became an example for imitation”.


“My dear love, native Joschka! I congratulate you with your day! You’re amazing. Your energy abounds, for you nothing is impossible, you not hesitate to rush to help all who need it, you veteran husband, you’re a dreamer, a romantic, sometimes naive child, you’re fun and funny – and for all that I really appreciate and love. Only want you to be healthy, and with the rest we’ll understand”.

Daughter Lisa:

“Daddy, you give me the opportunity to live, an opportunity to find themselves and to choose their own path! I wrote to you and write again: THANK you! Thank you for being there, thank you so much reached every day and push me to strive to achieve even more, thank you for every opportunity that I have, and for the love! I live for the purpose to write to you: “Where do you want the house? I’m buying!“ And know that it will come very soon! And now I wish you just live for yourself and be happy, sometimes giving the phone away! Happy birthday!”

The Son Of Dmitry:

“Dad, I congratulate you happy birthday. And I wish you more rest, health. Without you, the parents, there would be no us. And all the misunderstandings, I think it’s nonsense, because the most important – health, family, trust and love. I love you, and my sister and I want to be even closer to you and to communicate more often. Happy birthday, dad!”

Daughter Danae:

“Today is a holiday dear to me men, my father. I love you and I wish you more health, strength, smiles, and all of these misunderstandings, they make us stronger. The rest I told you in person and still say that. Today’s your day, spend it at 100%. My brother and I love you very much just for the fact that you are our dad! And thank you for what we are what we are! Happy birthday!”

Anna Shulgina:

“Today is the birthday of my dad! And how do you now I said about blood relationship, I still want to say that this man was my father. Jose, thank you for having raised me and my brothers as his! Thank you for your patience with me. I know that is very difficult. Thank you for always fixing my problems (whatever they may be). Thank you not only for his father’s strong shoulder, but also for a friendly handshake. Thanks for worry about us. Thank you for being such a good. Thank you for what you are not afraid to take to wife the mother of three children and care for them! Thanks for what you care about my opinion. Thanks for the insane love of the mother! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will always say thank you! I hope that there will come a time when you’ll ultimately be proud of me! I will not fail your faith!”

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