Prettier the daughter of Tina Kandelaki celebrated the 18th anniversary

Похорошевшая дочь Тины Канделаки отпраздновала 18-летие
Presenter touching congratulated Melania happy birthday.

Photo: Instagram

In honor of age daughter Tina Kandelaki has published fresh photos Melania. 18-year-old girl has amazed fans with their beauty. She was a sweet kid, and now has grown into a real beauty.

“My girl 18 years old — wrote Tina in a personal blog. I didn’t even notice it had happened. The hospital, recovery from anesthesia, first steps, garden, school and the journalism faculty of Moscow state University. We talk a lot about birth control, about intentional motherhood, a Mature choice, but all our attempts to live for myself in vain, meaning women and children, and then in career, self-improvement, social roles and power in society. So my main victory and meaning — a daughter and a son. I will never forget as I watched the beauty contest, which led Melania trump and decided that this is the most beautiful name for my little girl. Melania, be strong and smile. Mom is always there!”

It is interesting that, as adults, the children were forbidden to Tina often publish their photos in social networks. Max — once a year: Kandelaki told the public a couple of years ago. A daughter and a son, of course, appear in the blog Tina more often, but always with their permission. The presenter respects the personal boundaries of children and trying not to break them.

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