Prettier Larisa Dolina’t know fans

Похорошевшую Ларису Долину не узнают поклонники The singer is visibly transformed. Larisa Dolina is trying to look perfect. She is always watching their appearance and skillfully picks the outfits. Each output of the actress in the light is accompanied by numerous comments of fans.
Похорошевшую Ларису Долину не узнают поклонники

One of the most famous and loved by millions of singers Larisa Dolina – 62. However, as befits the actors, she is closely monitoring their appearance. Recently in the fan groups in social networks, a frame-recording a television programme. Photo Larisa looks amazing – she’s smart oval face, glowing skin and bright makeup.

Fans began to discuss the transformation of the beloved artist. They admired the fact that the Valley is constantly striving for perfection and can be an example for many.

“God, you’re beautiful!”, “Well, very beautiful!” “Recalls Larisa Dolina 80s Bouffant and bright makeup”, “Now you look at 100, younger and prettier, keep it up! A public figure should always look at the 5,” wrote the enthusiastic fans.
Похорошевшую Ларису Долину не узнают поклонники

The singer with pleasure has pleased fans with their creativity and unexpected images. Last summer she appeared in a rather unusual for her clothing – instead of the classic dresses the actress chose a fitted shirt, a leather Moto jacket and bright accessories. In this form, Larisa has performed at a concert dedicated to the Day of protection of children.

Also over the past two years Valley has significantly dropped excess weight. The actress boasted a slim figure in a swimsuit. Many could not praise favorite singer in her quest to always look perfect.

Larisa Alexandrovna does not only perform on stage, but also to teach – she headed the Department of pop-jazz singing in Mike – Moscow state Institute of culture. Students recognize that often they have difficult – because it is quite strict and requires the musicians to full value. Due to Larisa Dolina students massively expelled from the University

“Valley of the strict but fair – said “StarHit” Anna Melnikova, a student of the singer. It exam – like casting. Checked everything: the voice, the timbre, the perfect purity of intonation… the Valley you can’t sing jazz if you don’t know how. She tells everyone: “Choose a song according to his abilities!” If the singer puts a deuce, so she doesn’t see the potential. If three ways, it is. Just need to be prepared for the portions of criticism, it is normal! Especially Larisa Alexandrovna so much experience!”