Press Secretary Joseph Kobzon told about the state of his health

Пресс-секретарь Иосифа Кобзона рассказала о состоянии его здоровья
It remains heavy.

Joseph Kobzon

people’s artist of USSR and state Duma Deputy Iosif Kobzon — stable,
no changes for the worse there. This was told RIA Novosti his
press Secretary Varvara Vinogradova.

Earlier media reported about the hospitalization of Kobzon. Source
in the state Duma explained to RIA Novosti that the singer is in stable
serious condition.

On Saturday
TV channel REN TV reported that Kobzon became worse and he slipped into a coma.
Sister people’s artist of the USSR, Gehlen RT has denied this information.

On The Eve Nelly
Kobzon has acted with an official statement in which has declared that it will not
discuss the public details of illness of a beloved husband.

“I am very
grateful to all the people — so much warmth, so much love. On the Internet write
a lot of good. I would therefore ask everyone who is worried,
continue to desire Joseph Davydovich good, good energy and good health. You
no idea what number of people: ones, and quite unfamiliar
call, worried, asked. Call the office call each other,
texting… — quotes Nelly Kobzon KP. But physically I can’t answer
calls. Because, you know, I’m busy and I’d rather something useful
to do for Joseph Davidovich… And I would like to say that anyone any
statements (about the health of her husband) do not. And never did.
Just not into it. It is my firm belief. Because health
the person is a private matter of himself, family and close friends. And so
— if someone reads or hears that I made a statement about the state of the
health or about any of the procedures… This is — not true. I have these statements
did and never will not do that!”