Преснякова отходит от шока после ДТП, где погиб человек

The star of “Gems” told about the terrible accident that happened yesterday in the suburbs.

The incident occurred in the night of Sunday, June 28, on the Leningrad highway. The soloist of “Samotsvety” Elena Presnyakov were returning from a concert in Tver.

Driving a Lexus was a personal driver stars. The car was moving in the direction of Moscow. Part of the track in the Kalinin district on the street jumped a man 35-40 years. The driver managed to avoid collision. From the received traumas the pedestrian died…

At the scene immediately came the ambulance and the police. The latter immediately started to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

According to preliminary data, the pedestrian was responsible for the accident. The man was crossing the highway in the wrong place on the site of the accident there was no traffic light or pedestrian crossing. There is also a version that in the time of the accident the deceased was in a condition of alcoholic intoxication.

The actress, meanwhile, narrowly escaped injury. In a state of shock she was brought home.

“The driver went to the police, understands. The man was clearly drunk. Jumped out, directly rushed under the car. I was not injured, was traveling at a low speed. I’m in such a state that today is very scattered… I’m so sorry the dead man and my driver, who was in such a situation, – said Elena Petrovna, writes StarHit”. — I’m in shock”.

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