Presenter returns to “Revizorro” in the image of Kutuzov

Лена Летучая возвращается в «Ревизорро» в образе Кутузова TV presenter does not hide the joy from returning to the program. On his page in the social network, she shared a video, where he appeared before the subscribers in an unexpected way.

      After a long break, the presenter returned to “Revizorro”. Many fans were happy to learn about it. To whet the interest of viewers to future broadcasts of the program, the star published a video from the shooting areas, which described that she plays the role of General Mikhail Kutuzov. She had to try on military uniforms in the spirit of the time and to be closer to the historical character, to tie up the right eye with a black ribbon.

      Work on commercials “Revizorro” was held in the West of Moscow region near the village of Borodino, where, as told to Lena, met Kutuzov and Napoleon. Obviously, to be as realistic as possible to imagine the Director’s idea, the team of several dozen people had to go is the fact fatal for the Russian history place. Subscribers were delighted from the post celebrities.

      Bat did not conceal some of the participants in the filming by submitting their fans. She also managed to capture the fleeing from the site of a horse that amused commentators, and Director, who gave the team the cast. Members appreciated the efforts of the Fly, noting that she looks the image of the commander in chief. It’s like he was created for her. The celebrity did not disclose any secrets of upcoming releases, but users on the Network admitted that Lena “fighting” attitude.

      Members thanked the Flying that she decided to continue working in “Revizorro”. For many of them it became almost a tragedy when she announced her resignation. Some followers do not hide that they ceased not to watch the program when the host was appointed Olga Romanov. According to them, the former participant of “VIA gra” could not cope with this role as well as its predecessor. Ratings of transmission have declined in recent months, and the number of dissatisfied viewers increased. Now to worry not, because presenter will re-do the test in a familiar format to all.

      Care Helena Flying of “Revizorro” provoked a scandal

      “Wait Lena , because only she can lead this program, and she as a person is great. Helen, very glad you’re back!”, “Our Helen – what a positive man!” “The idea of the video is very cool. I hope the transfer will be the same,” wrote leading fans in Instagram.

      In social networks presenter has already managed to introduce the episode of the promo “Revizorro”, calling the new season of “unique”. Subscribers assume that the leading prepares them for a lot of surprises. They also hope to be able to see a star in a very unexpected light, about the same as the video in the role of Kutuzov. Netizens believe that the checks will be more effective and of high quality. Some even started suggesting places where the team of “Revizorro” should go first. They believe that the presenter will take into account their wishes.