Ведущая Первого канала Анастасия Трегубова стала многодетной матерью A young woman, familiar to viewers thanks to the program “Good morning”, gave birth to her third child. Anastasia Tregubova feels fine and is recovering after a long-awaited replenishment in the family. The star and her husband accepted the congratulations from loved ones.
Ведущая Первого канала Анастасия Трегубова стала многодетной матерью

34-year-old presenter of the program “Good morning” on the First channel of Anastasia Tregubova is a mother again. The young woman gave birth to her husband Alexander a third child. A joyful event in a couple’s life occurred on Tuesday, January 30. Anastasia spouse gave a charming girl. The name of the baby is not reported.

Fans of Anastasia congratulate her on the addition to the family and wish you all the best. «Hurrah! Health and mood”, “Happiness”, write in the comments to a recent publication by the presenter.

“My daughter and feel good. Now I come to itself and gain strength. Perhaps we will not stop at that…”– said Tregubov with “StarHit”.

That the presenter plans to have a third child, it became known in September. “I feel great” – shared Anastasia with “StarHit” when she was in her sixth month of pregnancy. Throughout the period of waiting for a baby spouse star Alexander cared about her and showed signs of attention.

Tregubova older kids already go to school. Her daughter Lisa for 11 years, and son Mike – seven, not long ago, he began his studies in school. Star mother supported his choice of school.

Ведущая Первого канала Анастасия Трегубова стала многодетной матерью“Misha this year will go to the first class in School № 2123 name of Miguel Hernandez. It all started with the fact that he started going to kindergarten at this school, which had a strong Spanish program: language learning and culture English-speaking countries, – said Anastasia before her successor started school. – As a mom, I want to give him the maximum that is possible, but, of course, will always listen to the opinion and choice of his son. Misha is waiting for the first of September and wants to go to this school.”

According to Anastasia, before she had prejudices about pregnancy. Once the host has chosen to hide that preparing for the replenishment of the family. After a time, Tregubova was safer to treat it. In September, the star was vacationing in Greece with her husband Alexander. A pregnant woman suffered a good flight and changing weather conditions. Anastasia enjoyed the days she spent on holiday with her husband.

“Vacation for me is plenty of opportunity to sleep until 10 or 11, because on working days I Wake up at four in the morning, when shots there – seven to get the kids to school. Oh, how I dreamed that we go to the sea, and I can sleep enough. All that is happening… But my husband, on the contrary, wakes up early and brings me Breakfast in the room,” – said in a microblog host.