Presenter of the First channel learned how to cook Georgian national cuisine

Ведущая Первого канала научилась готовить национальные грузинские блюда
Dilbar Fayzieva went on a culinary tour of Georgia.

Dilbar Fayzieva


Presenter of the First channel Dilbar Fayzieva returned from a fascinating trip to Georgia, where he met with locals, visited the market and learned to cook the national dishes detailed recipes which you can find in her food blog “spoon”.

The trip started in hospitable Tbilisi, where Dilbar Fayzieva went to a master class of local culinary blogger, who invited the presenter to his home, and with products from the local market and our own garden together they made dinner. And as Souvenirs Dilbar bought pottery intended for baking products.

The table is literally bursting with abundance, it was the khinkali, potatoes with cheese and meat, chkmeruli (baked chicken with lots of garlic), Adjara khachapuri with egg, mushrooms, cheese, pkhali (walnut appetizer with beets or spinach). Plum tkemali sauce made of plums that grow in the yard: “come Out to the veranda, and the necessary ingredients to tear around the house, in the garden. Beauty, says Dilbar Fayzieva. — In Georgia it is necessary to go to different institutions, they are all unique. And every waiter loves and respects the restaurant where he works, that will tell you and its history, and the history and ways of preparing favorite dishes. And all restaurants have a house wine, which are abundantly treated”.

Of course it was not journey to Georgia without a trip to the homeland of Georgian wine, Alazani valley, Kakheti. There is up to 70% of the wine throughout the country. There are vineyards in many families, each of which makes a year to a ton of wine. In the Alazani valley Dilbar visited the large and welcoming family. Parents, children and grandchildren all went out to meet the presenter, covered a large table with barbecue, fish dishes and, of course, produces its own wine. All the blanks are on the first floor of the house which separate cellar. Floor-to-ceiling shelves hospitable families occupy preservatives, pickles, jam. And special attention udelyaetsya guilt. Store it in special jars, which are periodically cleaned, pouring wine at the time into another vessel. It is noteworthy that a job cistersian accept only men of a certain type, it must be thin and have long arms. And of course taught Dilbar to make real churchkhela: “We used grape juice from local vineyards, which is brewed with sugar and a little flour to a thick consistency. Hazelnuts and walnuts are also the owners grow themselves, they are cleaned and strung on a thread, and then placed in the syrup”.