Presenter is ready to repay the debt to the channel “Friday!”

Лена Летучая готова погасить долги перед каналом «Пятница!» The presenter commented on a scandalous situation. According to Lena, the lawyers help her to settle all the issues with the previous employer. Star agrees to deduct 50% of the salary until the contract.

It became known yesterday that the presenter switches to the First channel. The star will transmit, the plot of which she will check to socially important facilities for violations. In the framework of the project “flying squad” a celebrity will create a team of like-minded people who are willing to teach viewers of the channel to fight for their rights.

Sudden transition Fly to the Central channel “Friday!” caused a financial scandal. According to representatives of the former employer of the Lena, she has violated the provisions prescribed in the contract. Now, the famous blonde is forced to pay a certain amount before the expiry of the term of the contract.

The first channel has officially confirmed the appointment of Helen Bat

“Nikolai kartoziya B. ordered me to pay 50% of my royalties on the First channel. I adopted this requirement, lawyers are now preparing a rescission of the contract and I will pay them 50%, no questions. Much more to me than to realize a project I wanted to do on “Friday!”, to realize a socially important story (not just what I did in the “Revizorro”). It is much more important than all these legal niceties, so in this matter I am acting within the law. How to be prepared the contract — will be the world. At least on my part, because I want to work I want to do journalism, which I was not allowed to do on “Friday.” explained the situation Volatile.

According to Elena, probably, the channel is offended by it, so he allows himself some of the attacks in her address. On the eve of the social network appeared the photo collage that was made by the staff of “Friday!”. In the picture they depicted Flying on a horse and in the national Russian outfit. Probably because they hinted at the imminent her participation in new year party.

“I just left, I would not have left the channel, where I’m comfortable, where I can do good and do need a show. I’m not a man. Our relationship has exhausted itself, and the fact that they’re maliciously trying to tell some of there stories about the low ratings… This is ridiculous!” – said Lena in interview to portal “Super!”.