Лена Летучая устроила райский медовый месяц After the wedding ceremony leading and her partner went to the Maldives, where they had decorated with rose petals Bungalow. It is in this picturesque location presenter and Yuri Anashenkov will spend their honeymoon.

      The ex-host of the program “Revizorro” presenter tied the knot with her partner Yury M. Analogovym on the Mediterranean sea, in Greece. The bride revealed to the subscribers of his microblog, how was the celebration by posting pictures of the dress, wedding rings and wedding suit. Elena Letuchaya published the first scenes from the wedding

      However, to stay in Santorini, the husband and wife had not planned. Volatile and her husband decided to honeymoon is to choose a different direction. A couple got on the plane at Athens airport and flew to Maldives, which are popular among honeymooners.

      Despite the fact that the flight was at night and with a stopover in Doha, Lena and Yuri were satisfied with the service on Board the aircraft. Flying watched movies, and its companion was playing computer games. After landing in the Maldives, the presenter carefully inspected the Bungalow and came to the conclusion that there were no irregularities and everything is perfect.

      “Meet on the island with smiles and songs! After the flight, such beauty and “breath” of the ocean, what could be better”, – shared his impressions of Flying, showing the frame decorated with rose petals in the bedroom.

      Fans continue to congratulate the 37-year-old television star with a new family situation. Over a long period of time Flying completely dedicated to his job, but dreamed of love and believed that will be able to meet a life partner. Presenter believes that we should not ever give up and think about what the second half does not exist.

      “Love has no age or nationality, no rich or poor, there is no framework! The main thing is not to lose faith, and don’t need to look for her, she will find you, most importantly your heart out to her,” advises Lena to other women who dream about strong relations with members of the opposite sex.

      Met Yuri, Flying immediately realized that it can rely on. Leading always held the view that in marital life, almost all must decide male. “Nowadays, a lot of emancipated ladies, who pulled the blanket over herself. I don’t want! Always thought that the man must be the backbone of any family as my dad. In this respect, I am an absolute woman,” said Lena in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

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