Preparing a spin-off of “Sex and the city”?

Готовится спин-офф «Секса в большом городе»?

Who plays Samantha Jones in the TV series “Sex and the city” Kim Cattrall again communicates with fans with hints and innuendo.

On his page in the social network, the actress has published a video in which she again turned into his famous character.

In comments to the video, Kim admitted that she had a chance again to try on the image of Jones. The actress appeared in front of us in blouse leopard with blue earrings sending a kiss.

A little later the with Cattrall in the same way, shared make-up artist Nick Baros, who told his followers that along with the actress they are “working on a secret project”, details of which to know someone is too early.

However, to intrigue the fans of Kim and nick managed. The Network immediately began to spread the rumor that in fact at the moment the actress may star in the spin-off of “Sex in the city”, where he talked about Samantha.

Confirm or deny this information yet no one can.

And you wanted a separate series about Samantha Jones? Or is it better to return to small screens at once all the four friends?