Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести Beauticians have given some advice to readers of “StarHit”. Experts suggested that you should focus, if at a meeting of the new season, you must be fresh and radiant. We have collected some important rules to keep in mind all year round.

    Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести

    Protection, nutrition and hydration is something that a person needs all year round. Seasonal conditions have to adjust the program of care. What can we do now to properly prepare for the spring, “StarHit” said beauticians Studio Bridget.


    To talk about what body massage – plus, and a facial massage why is not always included in the list of mandatory in-salon treatment. And in vain. Our face consists of the same muscles that need support. A facial massage restores tone and serves as a prevention of age-related “omissions” of the skin and also improves blood circulation and moisturizes the skin. After the first procedure you will see an improvement in skin color of the face, and after this course you will notice a pleasant change of facial contours.

    Recommended after 25 years as a supportive and preventative treatment, and after 40 – to deal with possible age-related changes.


    Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести

    Make sure to peel! Specialist will select the appropriate procedure and correctly calculate the rate. It is better now to turn to the beautician, because acid peels are recommended to do before the end of March – yet aggressive sunlight. Peels purify and refresh the skin, triggering an inner regenerative processes, therefore, their effect is long-lasting.

    Exfoliation should be included in the list of procedures that you do in the salon at the age of 25-30 years, and after 30 it should be a compulsory!


    Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести

    Another procedure, which you should do regardless of age, is facial cleansing. Coming to the salon for cleaning is recommended every six months to eliminate surface contamination and the cells of the upper skin layer. Brushing also stimulates blood circulation.

    This procedure is especially necessary for young girls up to 25 years who still don’t do peels.

    Muscle toning

    Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести

    To preserve youth and beauty of your face, of course, use the achievements of modern hardware cosmetology. Good effect myostimulation. Note the device Ultratone FUTURA PRO (UK), which offers programs: non-surgical facelift, deep muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, wrinkle reduction, blood circulation, moisturizing massage. FUTURA PRO system effective procedures, based on the action of an electric field, light and ultrasound, which are almost limitless possibilities for the solution of aesthetic problems.

    Safe and effective hardware procedure, based on the effects of light, laser and ultrasound, are shown after 30 years, with a special emphasis on them should be done after the age of 50.


    Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести

    Follow the recommended course of mesotherapy and biorevitalisation. The end of winter – beginning of spring – a time when it is necessary to “nourish” your face with the necessary materials. In addition, injections induce cells to regenerate, rejuvenate. If the process starts now, in spring, the skin will glow with youth and freshness! Biorevitalization, recognized as the gold reserves of cosmetology, rejuvenates the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid injections. Over time, its quantity decreases, and the shots make up for this shortcoming. Biorevitalization conducted a course of 4 treatments 1 every 1-2 weeks. The effect of the procedure persists six months or a year.

    You can also make biorevitalisation lips to keep them moisturized and to get rid of dry, typical for the winter period. Beauticians beauty Studio BRIDGET doing biorevitalization lips in the technique of contour correction. 2%-najeludockova acid binds water in the lips, contributing to their moisture. Part of the cocktail also includes vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects lips from harmful environmental influences. It is recommended to take three procedures to do them with an interval of 7-10 days.

    Mesotherapy – the targeted introduction into the skin of vitamins and nutrients needed at a particular time. The injections stimulate cell metabolism, stimulate the growth of new cells, nourish and moisturize the epidermis. After a few sessions you will see visible results: the complexion improves, wrinkles will be much less, and the level of skin elasticity will increase!

    Biorevitalization is recommended to do after 30 years, mesotherapy is after 25.


    Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести

    Remember that to care for the face on a daily basis. How you look is largely dependent on how properly care for a home. Don’t forget to use a day cream that contains a small percentage of spf protection. And here is a highly moisturizing day cream or cream containing hyaluronic acid, winter use is not necessary. The composition of these drugs is large amount of water, which kristallizuetsya in the cold, and instead of wetting the face can get dehydrated.

    When choosing a salon procedures also listen to prescriptions of cosmetics, because professional to assess what you really need now is you, only seeing you!

    Готовим лицо к весне: 5 процедур, которые помогут расцвести