Готовь шубу летом: Навка примерила меховой свитшот

The unusual coat can be a trend of the new season.

Recently branded boutique Braschi, the presentation of the new collection 2016/17. Be the first to see and try on a luxurious fur came Tatiana Navka, Angelica Timonina and Daria Moroz. Maurizio Braschi personally flew in from Italy to Moscow to welcome the fans of the brand.

The famous Olympic champion decided to combine the pleasant with the useful and tried on grey fur sweatshirt with cross strips. As it turned out, a special place in the new season, the designer took an intricate base models every day, at the same time chic and simple.

Also this fur sweatshirt can be combined with jeans and sports shoes like with a dress. Bounds of formality-informality are washed away by using things freely available for daytime and evening attire, official and casual style.

By the way, Tatiana tries not to miss social events and always chooses the luxurious and stylish outfits at the closing ceremony of the festival, the star did not go unnoticed in a gold dress.

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