Preparations for the wedding: Mariah Carey sat on a strict diet

Подготовка к свадьбе: Мэрайя Кэри села на строгую диету

The singer plans to lose weight 10 pounds!

In late January, Mariah Carey boasted a ring with a big diamond: a 45-year-old singer and 48-year-old Australian businessman, met a few years ago announced their engagement!

Judging by the ring cost $ 7.5 million, we immediately realized that the intentions of James packer serious!

The wedding planning is already in full swing, and as any woman, Mariah decided before an important celebration to get rid of excess weight. Friends of the future of the family said that the singer sat on the hard protein diet, to to the wedding to throw off 10 pounds.

The star doesn’t eat Breakfast, and for lunch drink a protein shake. At dinner Mariah indulged in dieticheskim Chilean sea bass and shrimp on the grill with asparagus.

“During the day, the singer is eating five small portions of salad with chicken or salmon and drinking water. Star runs a light salad with mayonnaise or mustard sauce and occasionally allows himself to sushi. Mariah loves cheese, she sometimes indulges himself in a thin slice of brie with crackers,” said the insider to the portal Daily Mail.

“Mariah hates going on a diet, she love to eat. Now she’s touring Europe, and it is very difficult to stay, because around it so many fine meals. But she dreams that her figure resembled an hourglass, and that she looked sexy in a tight dress. Mariah says she is trying very hard and not straying off course. She wanted James was very surprised when she appears before him in a wedding dress,” continued the source.

Dress Carey was chosen as podumaet star: the attire will be hundreds of butterflies, embroidered with thread made of 14 Karat gold. Some estimates put the outfit will cost about 500 thousand dollars.

However, recently there have been rumors that James and Mariah is still not divorced from their previous spouses because of what the celebration can be postponed indefinitely. But we believe that their love will pass all barriers and the wedding will take place in time.

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