Премьера нового «Аватара» снова откладывается

James Cameron brings his fans. Since 2009, the Director feeds the fans with promises about the filming of the sequel, but still can not get to work. Not so long ago James announced a tentative date of the premiere of the next series of this exciting movie (“Avatar 2” was scheduled for December 2018. The next part should be out by end of 2020, 2022, and 2023).

Today James tells us the sad news.

The premiere of the second part is postponed to a later date, and with it the deposited screenings of the following films.

Cameron himself does not see much of a problem that the films will be released late. His decision to postpone the premiere, he explains that he was with the team in contrast to the majority of film workers, removes at once all the films in the franchise, because they require more time for preparation, because in fact they create a whole new world.

We, in turn, I hope that Cameron will be able to create something truly unique, seeing that we will not regret years of waiting.

Recall that “Avatar” is one of the most successful and the most ambitious films of Cameron: when you spent 246 million dollars, world’s fees amounted to $ 2.8 billion.