Премьера «Игры престолов» откладывается из-за погоды

Fans of “Game of thrones”, we must have patience and devotion of Hachiko. This advice we give fans in the background of the latest news about the show.

The creators of this fantastic Teleostei said that the premiere of the new season will take place somewhat later. The reason is the weather conditions which now complicate shooting.

According to producers, since the show finally winter has come, Sunny weather is not suitable for filming.

“So we delayed the process to wait for a gloomy, grey weather, even in the sunniest locations”, — said the series showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss.

Earlier, the above-mentioned people were like, how many episodes in total left before the series finale.

Called number 13, but it will happen eventually, yet no one can say.

Most likely the end of history will be on the eighth season, the number of series will be reduced: the penultimate season will consist of seven episodes, and the last of the six.

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