Pregnant Yelena Isinbayeva brought to despair

Беременную Елену Исинбаеву довели до отчаяния
She saw how the children relate to her charity.

Photo: Instagram

Yelena Isinbayeva charity for many years. In January of 2018 official Fund athletes will celebrate the first small anniversary — 5 years.

But Isinbayeva visited one of the playgrounds in his hometown of Volgograd, which built her Foundation and was horrified. Bent tube, torn mesh football vorotah, all outdoor equipment painted and scribbled swear words, and much is broken.

Gymnast personally photographed the site in its current form and published in his blog.

“That’s so good with our kids and Teens are venues in which my Foundation is building, she wrote. — If you knew how hard it is to find funds to create a viable, free, sports infrastructure, how difficult it is to find a bona fide contractor. But we find it’s all for the sake of our future, our children . My team literally camped out at the facilities until the building site to monitor the quality and that the materials have not gone away.As a result, I can see it… Very disappointing and really frustrating. Perhaps, indeed, no one needs it… this was the Playground for the two years of its existence on the territory of the 44 schools… Sadness…”

According to Elena shows that she was very upset. But Isinbayeva is in her last months of pregnancy, it is absolutely impossible to worry.

Fans as could, tried to support the athlete. “Shame on these children!” — they wrote. — “Do not despair, there are many children whom this is really important. Just don’t give up!”