Pregnant wife Renata Ibragimova intends to give birth at home

Беременная жена Рената Ибрагимова намерена рожать дома 70-year-old musician adopt the baby. Renat Ibragimov has experience youngest daughter was born in the bath. According to the artist, the perinatal centres do not comply with certain rules and requirements.
Беременная жена Рената Ибрагимова намерена рожать дома

Not so long ago it became known that 70-year-old crooner Renat Ibragimov will become a father for the ninth time. The wife of the artist Svetlana minnekhanova expecting a baby. Information appeared on one of the social events – the choice of the musician came in a loose dress. She confirmed that pregnant and throughout the evening, with the imminent addition to the family.

Renat Islamovich, along with his wife who is younger than his forty years, intends to refuse the services of maternity homes. The man believes that he can fulfill the role of the obstetrician and adopt a newborn.

“Only the house is going to give birth. In General, with age, the attitude towards children is quite another,” admitted Ibragimov.
Беременная жена Рената Ибрагимова намерена рожать дома

As it turned out, the artist has a similar experience. They have Svetlana’s four joint heirs. The youngest daughter Mary was born last year – Renat Islamovich personally took birth from the wife. He said that consulted with experts and learned some important rules to everything was perfect. Dad!

“I know what hospital. My son Attila, and I personally saw and watched. But when we with Svetlana began to collect information, registered for classes, it turned out that much of what is needed, in the hospitals there. I brought the principle of “three T”. It should be warm, dark and quiet,” admitted the artist “StarHit”.

According to the musician, everything that surrounds the baby from the first minutes of independent life in hospitals, is wrong. When he was in a medical facility, along with his wife, he noticed that the room was very cold. Under the assumption of Renata Islamovich is done for the sake of sterility. However, he believes that a child should get from a warm environment the same. Therefore, before the appearance of the youngest daughter, the light, the singer has prepared a basin with warm water, where got a girl from the womb.

Despite the fact that many spouses prefer not to see women during the advent of the baby born, the musician considers it necessary its presence in such a crucial moment.

“I think the man must attend the birth! His psychology may be for the better to change in relation to woman and child” – confessed to Ibragimov in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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