Pregnant wife of Sergei Bezrukov told who command in the family

Беременная жена Сергея Безрукова рассказала, кто командует в их семье The Director Anna matison has shared the secret and revealed family secrets. The wife of Sergei Bezrukov told who is in charge in their house, and what it’s like to be “in the background”.
Беременная жена Сергея Безрукова рассказала, кто командует в их семье

People’s artist of Belarus Sergei Bezrukov and his second wife, stage Director Anna matison, rarely shared with the press and fans family secret. The couple maintains an active creative life, but almost no secular. Recently, Matheson and Bezrukov has presented his new film, in which she again acted as Director, and her talented husband was given a major role.

Despite the fact that Anna is the Director, it turned out that in their family “team” still a man. Matheson admitted that he feels “in the background”.

Commenting on the remark that their creative Union of equal, Anna said, and noticed that they have a Patriarchal structure in the family.

“No, I am in the background, what can I say… we Have the Patriarchal family,” said Anna, wife Bezrukov.
Беременная жена Сергея Безрукова рассказала, кто командует в их семье

Anna matison several times removed of Sergei Bezrukov in his films. The Director says that even at the site does not command her husband, though, because the shooting process is the teamwork. Moreover, photography is not all of life, and do not last as long and all the while, behind the scenes, she’s totally submissive wife.

“Do not forget that shooting last month and a half. The rest of the time as Sergei said, so be it. Just kidding, of course, we talk about everything. In fact, I feel comfortable that the husband makes all the decisions that he is the main man in my life. For me it is absolutely natural,” – said the wife of the doctor.

The Patriarchal order in the family does not prevent her to pursue directing, which matison separates for men and women. Moreover, Anne believes that men are harder to find work than women. “Men also experience difficulties finding work. On the contrary, in our Patriarchal country like times the man was afraid to remain without work because he has to answer for the family,” quoted Anna

Anna matison became the wife of Sergei Bezrukov in the spring of 2016, almost a year after Dating. Then, according to the actor, he had already parted with his first wife Irina, with whom he lived for 15 years.

Anna and Sergei first became parents in the summer of 2016, soon their daughter Mary two years. In addition, Mathison is pregnant again. When appears another child in the family, the couple did not specify.

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