Pregnant wife of Dmitry Tarasov admitted as gained weight

Беременная жена Дмитрия Тарасова призналась, сколько прибавила в весе Anastasia Kostenko gains some weight and is accountable to Internet users. The pregnant wife of footballer Dmitry Tarasov has published a new photo with a rounded tummy and answered questions from subscribers.
Беременная жена Дмитрия Тарасова призналась, сколько прибавила в весе

Footballer Dmitry Tarasov prepares to become a father for the second time. This became known on the day of the birth of his third wife Anastasia Kostenko. On March 29, while his wife posted on his page in Instagram pictures together, which Anastasia with a distinctly rounded belly. Later, both confirmed that parents will be in about three to four months.

Tarasova fans and followers Kostenko congratulated the future parents and just attacked Dmitry and Anastasia questions: whether the pregnancy was planned, how Anastasia works, as it is now caring for her long hair, and what the exact term.

Anastasia promised to answer frequently asked questions and kept his word. Wife Tarasova has published a new photo in a shiny black evening toilet with open back and enlistment slit revealing long legs, and he wrote a great post.

Kostenko expressed surprise that there was generally a question about the surprise pregnancy. And reported to subscribers on other items.

Didn’t even think that there is such a question, but… Yes of Course! We planned the baby. And I’m sorry that there are negative assumptions, etc. But for anybody not a secret that a person broadcasts to the world that he is full and well that happy and kind people a lot more. Weight gain 5 pounds, a bit unusual, but I’m not the only one. And the hands, feet and face will not say. On a diet is not sitting, but even in the absence of the sport in this period is not yet making itself felt. Recently decided to swim 2-3 times a week. And always consult with his a leading physician, so do not suggest to others interested in nutrition, sport mode, etc, all individually. We have, as it became known, crossed the middle of the second trimester. Caring for each other. It is especially important to follow the skin, hair and nails. Preference for different oils, the main function of which is to moisturize, nourish and tighten.

Internet users gratefully responded to the recent photo of Anastasia and wished a easy birth and admire the beauty of a pregnant woman. “Nastya – beauty! When such beauty around, the man becomes more confident. Bravo, Dmitry, for this choice”, “Mathew, you are just incredible! How do you belly, Very tender, and so thin, if not for the tummy and will not say that in position. Must be a boy,” wrote a follower.

Recall that Anastasia is going to give birth in the clinical hospital “Lupino” in Moscow, which has repeatedly made star mothers. Among those who became a mother here, Anna, Oksana, Ksenia Sobchak, Albina dzhanabaeva.

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For 24-year-old Anastasia this child will be born first, and her husband Dmitry Tarasov a daughter from a previous relationship with Oksana Osinkin. Angelina Tarasova will soon turn 9 years old.