Pregnant Vodianova shocked mini dress

Беременная Водянова шокировала мини-платьем
Despite its “interesting” situation, the model continues to wear short skirts.

Natalia Vodianova

Photo: still from the live broadcast of the business forum on Facebook

Natalia Vodianova birth to just over a month, and she continues to lead a very active lifestyle. This will be her fifth child model, the pregnancy is progressing just fine, so Natalia sees no reason to sit at home and treat yourself like a crystal vase. Famous Russian woman continues to attend charity events to support children at important events, and travel. Just the other day Vodianova visited the Museum of the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris and took part in business summit in London, where, by the way, and was shocked at their attire all present.

For her performance Vodianova chose a black turtleneck and a bright knit dress, the skirt was so short that when Natalia stood on the stage, spectators of the first rows of the view was somewhat more candid than necessary. However, the model did not permanently daunt viewers, mostly during her speech, Natalia was sitting.

By the way, star during pregnancy has not abandoned heels. It still selects shoes with heel, however, having replaced the usual studs with more comfortable shoes on a small hill or platform.

Despite the fact that all fans of the model in unison talking about the splendid form of his idol, Vodianova herself a little inferiority complex because of their weight. The supermodel confessed that weighs 60 pounds! For someone
this figure may seem ridiculous, but for Natalia it is a great weight. It is usually
the model only weighs 52 pounds!

“Call me “Miss Sixty pounds,” he joked Vodianova in his personal blog.

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