Беременный Влад Лисовец удивил поклонников
On the days of the famous stylist Vlad Lisovets has published a photo, which caused an active discussion in the Network.

Беременный Влад Лисовец удивил поклонников

In the picture Vlad are imprinted with a distinctly rounded belly. It is clear that Lisovets decided to make a joke, and in the caption to the picture he also continued his joke.

Беременный Влад Лисовец удивил поклонников

“You can congratulate me #FIFA ultrasound showed that my twins horoscope #Aquarius, boy, dark unfiltered from the Flying Dutchman, and the girl, judging by the cramps, sparkling from the Frenchman. Don’t know about you, but I #FIFA fills. The circle on the belly until he gets to the finals even try. You happy for me?” said the stylist.

Netizens appreciated the sense of humor, Vlad, noticing that the joke really failed.

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